Thursday, July 31, 2014

Remember Me?

It's been quite a while since my last post.  I know...I'm sorry.  A lot has been happening in the household.  I started a new job...and left said job.  The hubs is in the process of making some changes to his business.  My little one will be 4, yes FOUR next idea how that happened.  Oh, and we're moving!  Just a few little life changes around here doesn't leave time for much else.  But I missed my little blog getaway, so I'm coming back!!

In all the crazy that's been invading our lives recently, it's been more important than ever to simplify as many things as possible.  Of course, this translates immediately into food.  We've been bad about eating out lately, I'll be the first to admit.  However, we're justifying it in that we want to hit up all our favorite places before we go.  That makes it ok...right?  Still, even I can't stomach eating out everyday (and neither can our bank account), so I recently turned to my best friend Pinterest for some wonderfully quick and healthy ideas.

I stumbled over a wonderful little blog called Damn Delicious.  Don't you just fall in love with that name?  Or is it just me who loves to add expletives whenever little ears aren't close by...or slip when sometimes they are?  The link above will take you to the original recipe, which sounds damn delicious (just as the name implies).  Usually I like to try any recipe I come across "as is" before putting my own twist on it, but since I needed this for dinner and didn't have time to run to the store, I improvised.  I was just so in love and curious about the idea of cooking a pasta dish all IN ONE POT, I couldn't not try it!  I fully intend on trying the original version soon, but here's the ingredients I had in my pantry and fridge to use.

Odd as it seems, I really did have this "veggie" pasta in my pantry.  It was on sale at the grocery store a while back, and I couldn't resist.  I will admit that I had shied away from using it since it was new and (most likely) tasted funny, but now was as good a time as ever.  I would be pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste much different from regular pasta, even when I tasted it on it's own.  By itself, I could tell a slight "veggie" difference, but all mixed into one, no difference at all.  I even had to tell the hubs it was different so he could give his opinion.  Extra serving of vegetables with no extra work coming up!!

Now comes the best part about this recipe...throw everything into the pot.  Yep, everything, all at one time.  Just like this...

This was the only part of this recipe that I was a little hesitant about.  I figured if the pasta was cooked, everything else would be mush.  If the other ingredients were cooked well, the pasta would be crunchy.  So with Pap John's on backup speed dial, I set the pot on the stove, brought it to a boil and left it alone for 10 minutes.  Everything came out wonderful!  The pasta, in fact, could have cook a minute or two less for my taste...something that is easily fixable.  I was amazed, and I am rarely amazed by a recipe.  Impressed, yes...amazed, no.  The final product came out as a true one pot tasty wonder that led the whole family to go back for seconds!

Can you say simple, quick, no fuss and damn delicious?!?!  This will definitely be a go to for those busy nights when you forget to thaw anything...or prep...for dinner.  Have fun trying out my version, the original masterpiece (I'm sure!) or invent your own.  I would love to hear what yummy goodness you add to your pot.  And the simplicity of it actually allows you a good 10 minutes to sit and have a glass of wine while your dinner cooks itself.  What could be better than that?  No one needs to know ;)

One Pot Wonder Spaghetti (adopted from Mushroom and Zucchini Spaghetti by Damn Delicious)

1 box "Veggie" spaghetti noodles (or other pasta)
1 package cremini mushrooms; sliced
2 T olive oil
14 1/2 oz can fire roasted tomatoes; undrained
14 1/2 oz mushroom broth (or other broth); use tomato can for measuring
3-4 garlic cloves; sliced
1/4 tsp crushed red pepper flakes; or more if you like some spice
1 T dried oregano flakes
1 T dried basil flakes

1 - Put everything in a large pot.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat slightly and cook 7-10 minutes until pasta is cooked to your liking.  Remove from heat, cover and allow to sit for 2-3 minutes so pasta can soak up all the yummy juices.  Enjoy!