Friday, September 27, 2013

Our New House

I can't even begin to describe how amazingly patient our little one was on the trip getting to Le Cap d'Agde!  She slept a good bit, but when was awake, she played with her Leap Pad and talked about going to "my new house".  So that is what we have coined our apartment.  After all, it will be our home for the next three months, so let's roll with it.  Here it is, our new house!


Apartment number 59.  It's not much, probably somewhere between 500 and 600 sq feet.  But enough for us.  I can't imagine sharing the space with three total strangers, but since that's not something I have to worry about, I'm thankful.  There are two small bedrooms, a bath and a combined living area and kitchen.  The little one has had a blast unpacking her things in her room and making herself at home.  To me, it feels a bit like being back in college again as the hubs and I are sleeping on two twin beds pushed together as opposed to one bed.  But, hey, it's home.  Just outside our apartment is a nice little playground that the little one has enjoyed many times already.

She is having a blast and, not surprisingly, everyone she meets loves her.  There's also a pool, restaurant and market on site.  So, at least until November when most of the city shuts down, we don't have to venture very far off the property if we don't want to.  However, if we do decide to venture out this is just a 10 minute walk from where we are living...

Stay tuned for some of our first adventures...

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